Thumb Print Images offers local photography classes with hands-on help in small groups for smartphone users of all levels.  Sacramento-based photographer, Cynthia Siokos Sheffer of Pinkie Pictures, a long time professional portrait photographer, leads the classes in visually inviting venues where ever she can!

After photographing years of travel, events, and good times Cynthia has come to appreciate the ever improving quality of smartphone cameras and the convenience of using them to capture the moment.  Seeing a demand for the basics of good photography, she created Thumb Print Images to help you make better pictures with your smartphone camera.

Make time for classes with Thumb Print Images before your next adventure. 

You will learn to see things in a unique and different way while you make beautiful images.



"...thank you for the exceptional Smartphone Photography Basics class last Saturday.  You are a terrific, patient, and very nice instructor.  The tips you provided are very helpful, and the class was fun, too.  With your guidance, the photographs I’ll  take in Egypt and Jordan will be greatly enhanced."  Art


"Thank you again... for the great class.  I think so many of my peers are desperately afraid... and embarrassed.. of being left behind in the tech world.  In offering this class, you have, possibly unwittingly, also created a loving ministry where you equip and empower people like me to confidently take their place among this ever evolving culture.  Thank you for "parting that curtain" and gracefully ushering all of us to our rightful place at the tech table."  Nancy