Create Lasting Memories

Life is full of adventure and, if you are like me, you want to enjoy those moments through your pictures as best you can.  Knowing how to take good pictures and edit them into something artistic, or simply with more clarity, requires some skill.  And even though most of us have a great camera on our smartphones, there are still so many things to learn when photographing the next travel adventure, family reunion, or walk-about.  Here's a few pics from my most recent adventures:

HOUSTON ART CAR SHOW - April 2017:  The people watching was as exciting as the car creations!  We always toured some great Houstonian sites with my niece Adrianne.  She is an amazing research guru on everything cool and artsy, anywhere!

BIG TREE FOREST and CRESCENT LAKE, OR - June, July 2017:  When it's hotter than you know what, you get out of town.  We had never been to the Big Tree Forrest and decided to go on a hike, then hit Murphys (a great little town!) for lunch. It was a nice day trip. 

In July we usually head to the family cabin and hang on on the dock, swim, eat, paddle board and relax a lot.  Even the dog was relaxed.  I don't know what those four were staring at, but it seemed funny enough for me to shoot a pic.  And what is the 4th about if you're not roasting marshmallows?  The little guy is from next door.  He finds us more fun than his own family.

How you shoot, crop and edit an image is unique to you.  Like your own thumbprint.  As you can see, I love tight cropped pics that draw your eye in, high contrast, B&W filters, food shots, architecture and more.  My images are sometimes lightly edited, other times more artsy.  It all depends on what I am trying to convey, how I choose to put my thumbprint on the file.

Thumb Print Images offers smartphone classes in The Basics of Photography, Travel Photography, Portrait Photography, Creative Editing, and Photography in the Workplace.  You will find the current schedule under the CLASSES tab.  (The Portrait Photography Class will come in handy for your next holiday card!)

If the current class schedule doesn't work for you, then Book a Party!  Just email me with when you'd like to gather your friends and I'll create a special class product for you to forward to your friends.  You share the link, they order the class, and we all meet at a visually inviting place to learn smartphone photography skills, apps, products, and editing!  A fun time for all!  I'll even bring the party favors.

Keep cool!