Gratitude and Pinkie's New Home

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. We celebrate with a huge gathering of friends and family who bring an assortment of culinary dishes. There is always great laughter, story telling and reminiscing, and pure joy that flows through the evening. And as each minute of our time together passes, gratitude permeates my heart.

Gratitude follows through in our every day adventures. Even when daily life dishes up those mean or selfish people, I can guarantee you that a little slice of joy will be served up your way. You just have to stay tapped into that gratitude to appreciate it when it does. I ran into a dear friend at the grocery store who had been going through difficult times in her marriage. I put her in touch with one of my Thumb Print Images students, a brilliant licensed marriage and family therapist. My friend was so grateful for the introduction as following sessions have pretty much saved their marriage and brought them closer than they had ever been. What does that have to do with smartphone photography you might ask? Well, nothing really. Although the people we meet along the way in our everyday adventures, and the ones I meet through Thumb Print Images classes are pretty darn amazing.

I am grateful to have met you, to share your talents with others, and hope to continue to keep in touch. Sharing your stories and smartphone photography images sure brings me joy!

That brings me to Pinkie. Most of you know my childhood nickname is Pinkie, named after the portrait painting by Thomas Gainsborough which hangs at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. When a friend who was along on a group golf adventure with us this past February heard that my nickname was Pinkie, she shared this sweet story about how her mom has this cherished little porcelain figurine of Pinkie. The figurine was now in her possession after her mom had passed and she wanted me to have it. We finally got together for the exchange and I was so touched by the gesture.


While I should be posting pictures of pumpkins and family at this time, I’m sharing Pinkie, in her new home.

The rest of this year will wind down quickly. I hope it brings you many happy times which fill your heart with gratitude and peace. I know that I, for one, have much to be thankful for.

As you approach your table this Thursday or during any eye catching meal, try the Foodie App. It’s a fun way to play with your food.

Screenshot_2018-11-21 _Foodie - Camera for life.png

Keep in touch! New classes will be added to the 2019 calendar soon including a Portrait Smartphone Photography Class.