We Must Use Time Creatively

Martin Luther King once said "We must use time creatively".  I like that, it resonates with me.  I don't think I would be very happy without some form of a creative outlet.  I went from being an Art Major to working in the corporate world back to being a watercolor artist.  I eventually traversed to portrait photography after getting married and wanting an at-home business while raising our kids.  Portrait and Event Photography has been fun over the last few decades but the connectivity of social media and the ever improving cameras on smartphones prompted me to create Thumb Print Images.  


Our smartphones are always with us as we travel through life's daily adventures.  Whether we are spending time with family and friends or on the trip of a life-time, there is an easily accesible camera at our fingertips.  Yet I find that so many people are intimidated by their smartphone camera settings or just aren't happy with their images.  And if they aren't the type of person to learn through YouTube or Google, well, improving their photography talents can be difficult.

You can improve your smartphone photography and editing skills through classes with Thumb Print Images.  Classes are always held in small groups to give you the best hands-on learning experience.  You will learn to avoid common mistakes by coming to understand the importance of light source, good composition, and basic editing.  Step up your social media posts with creative editing techniques, use of filters without overkill, and the ability to add text to your image.  Organize and store your images without having to purchase additional space.  

Images of mosaics Smither Park, Houston TX.


I add classes each month.  If those dates don't work for you, Book A Party! with your friends and let's get a date on the books that does.  Let's use time creatively.

With joy,