Break is over. I'm back!

We all have our road blocks and the last six months certainly tossed a few along my life’s highway.

I am slowly settling into 2019, putting those trying times behind me, and have been fortunate enough to already enjoy some great adventures. If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram or Facebook (under Thumb Print Images) to see what I’ve been up to with my smartphone photos. Hopefully something I post will inspire you, as so many people that I follow inspire me.

While traveling or around town, I love shooting the local architecture, looking for unique doors and arrangements for tight shots as well as beautiful skyscapes and buildings. Pathways always make for great shots too. Remember that it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see! Try to see around your subject and take it all in before pressing the shutter button.

Most people don’t realize that if you use good photography basics while shooting with your smartphone, you can create amazing artwork. One of my latest crazes has been taking pictures out of the plane window and converting them into black & white images. I recently printed a selection of three and framed them with simple black metal frames. They look great in my new office area. I cover some smartphone image editing techniques in the Smartphone Photography Basics Class and also provide more extensive information in the Editing and Image Management Class.

Let’s make this happen!

I’ll be adding new classes to the calendar through the next few months. If these days don’t work for you, contact me to Book a Party! You simple choose a date, gather your friends, and away we work, together. Visit the CLASS page for more information. I create classes for Team Bonding in the workplace, Girlfriend Wine Time, family reunion gatherings or whatever other fun time you’d like.


Have a great summer and let me know if I can help you capture your favorite moments in time.