Where Are You Going and Where Have You Been?

That was my first blog one year ago when Thumb Print Images began.

Happy Anniversary!  It's been one year since Thumb Print Images started offering classes on how to take better pictures with your smartphone.  Since then, my life has been filled with beautiful memories and images from travels, family adventures, and daily life.  When you always have your smartphone with you, there is always an opportunity to capture the moment adn share it with others.

"Which one of my photographs is my favorite?  The one I'm going to take tomorrow."

- Imogen Cunningham

New adventures for all of us are as near as tomorrow.  For me, April brings the Houston Art Car Show, May is our daughter's Graduation and the 2017 Roseville Greek Food & Wine Festival, and who knows what the summer holds.  I look forward to each day and what it presents.

There will be new opportunities for you too!  Classes are in the works for a Wine Tasting & Photography in Amador County late Fall 2017 as well as a Photography Class in Italy sometime 2018 under the brilliant guidance of Experience Italy

So who's interested! Email me your thoughts, I love feedback.

Take better pictures with your smartphone as you travel through your next adventure.  Thumb Print Images offers classes in Photography Basics, Creative Editing, Portrait Photography or you can Book a Party and we can create a class for you!